Saturday, 18 November 2017

Tiny Unicorn Challenge

Remember years ago we did the tiny mouse challenge when I cut a mouse the size of the number 1 on a penny? about we do it again? Unicorns are super popular at the moment so I figured we'd go with a unicorn.
So, the object of the challenge is to make a recognisable unicorn as tiny as you can in your usual medium. Anything from wood to silver, sketches to buttons, it just has to be as small as you can make it!
Upload your final piece into the comments section on this Facebook post and use the hashtag #paperpandatinyunicornchallenge and I reckon squillions of people will rush to buy them because everyone loves a tiny unicorn eh?
There will be a winner that'll win something. Mainly for fun, exposure and Christmas gift ideas for unicorn lovers 🙂
I'll keep this running until December 15th 
Have fun!
Lou xx

Friday, 3 November 2017

Pop up cards!

Last week we held a giveaway to win a set of pop-up Christmas cards by friends of Panda - Cardology! These unique cards come to life when opened, it's such a clever design, and there's so many styles to choose from.
Big congrats to Shelly Benbow & Ros Taylor who won the cards.
Until 14th November everyone can enjoy 10% discount on all orders using the code PPXMAS10 (full priced cards only).

Sunday, 29 October 2017


All you need to do to win everything in this photo is comment on this Facebook post with your best Hallowe'en outfit pic, your favourite spooky joke or just tell us what you love most about Hallowe'en (or even what you don't like!).
A randomly picked winner will receive our Beginners Papercutting Kit and a runner up will be sent our new Hallowe'en House digital papercutting template. 
Giveaway ends on Tuesday 31st Oct at 23:59 and the lucky winners will be drawn the following day. Good luck! ❤️🎃👻

Friday, 20 October 2017

Diamond Painting...

Today I have completely shirked all responsibility and me and the cats have been trying diamond painting and drinking ginger beer.
All around me is utter chaos as the house is being rearranged for Ryan's mum to come and stay with us on a long term basis (she currently lives up a mountain in Ireland and has to fetch well water and everything!) because she's not well.
So, there's banging, crashing, swearing and general disarray going on all around me with beds being put together, couches being shifted and a teenager who 'can't possibly move THAT because she NEEDS it'.
So I'm hiding.
I usually get cross with crafts that take a long time but I'm finding this really relaxing. I'm pretty sure I'm going to find 48 different colour gems down my bra at the end of the day. That'll be exciting.
For those that have never tried it, the picture is sticky and the squares are coded so you know what goes where. It's really sparkly and pretty satisfying.
I think someone just dropped a shelf on their foot judging by the screams.
Ahh well...light blue goes on the hashtag...
(No, I've no idea what the cats are doing either)
Try it yourself.
Lou xx

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Right guys, we are going to try something new!

Right guys, we are going to try something new! This beautiful original Paper Panda papercut is called 'Settled' and was recently displayed at a National Trust exhibition in York. We are going to offer this piece in a blind auction - basically, all interested bidders submit sealed bids, so that no bidder knows the bid of any other bidder. The highest bidder pays the price they submitted and wins the cut! Got it? 
So all you have to do is email us ( with your bid using the subject 'Settled', and keep your fingers crossed! Bidding starts now and will close at 8pm on Sunday night, 15/10/17. Good luck! x

Cut from a single sheets of hammered paper, floating and framed in a handmade Paper Panda beech wood box frame.
Signed and dated on the mount and the reverse of the papercut, finished with the engraved Paper Panda plaque on the reverse.
Edition: 2/3
Size: 12x15"
Certificate of authenticity included.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

New Surprise Template - available now!

It's that time of the month again folks... Surprise Template time!
This month it's £2, but I think you'll all agree that it's worth that extra pound ;)

Here's some reviews from satisfied customers in our Papercutting Facebook Group -
~ Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous!! ~
~ Stunning, well worth it ~
~ Eeekk how beautiful <3 ~
It’s a *must* buy! Absolutely stunning ~
Just beautiful hun, worth so much more than 2 pounds ~

I hope you enjoy it too, let's just say, it'll get you in the spirit of a holiday which comes in a couple of months ;) xx